4.5 Hybrid-Operation: Rotation angiography using Artis Zee/Zeego for surgeons


Prof. M. Pech

Prof. Z. Halloul 

Maximum number of participants:
Duration: 1 or 2 days, second practical day can be booked additionally, practical section optionally using phantom or a large animal model 


Course objective: Modern angiographic equipment is increasingly gaining importance and enables the combination of up-to-date diagnostics with minimally invasive and endovascular treatment therapies in operation rooms. The angiographic equipment Artis Zee/Zeego (Siemens) introduced in this course is a central element in many hybrid operation rooms.
The objective of this course is how to implement the Artis Zee/Zeego in the most professional, effective way  for complex and demanding surgical approaches, such as the endovascular treatment of aortic aneurysm (EVAR), as well as image-guided laparoscopic interventions. Thanks to the intense, practical training by experienced radiologists using the most modern equipment and phantoms or large animal models, this course is an excellent preparation for implementing this most effective equipment in a real-life setting.


Major target group: Surgeons with access to such equipment or planning to implement such equipment. 
This course can be adapted to the individual needs of hospitals and practitioners.



Day 1
Theoretical section

System operation

  • Presentation of the key functions of the console operation
  • Examination: screening, recording, reference images, roadmap, overlay
  • Presentation of the main functions for image and scene postprocessing

Console operation
(MultiModality Workplace)

  • Introduction to the terminology: InSpace 3D, DynaCT, DR DynaVision (3D DR), (DSA) DynaVision (3D DSA), i-Dentify, i-Guide, i-Pilot, PBV
  • Presentation of the core applications:
  • Syngo patients list, syngo viewing, loading 3D volume
  • Technique for reconstruction of a 3D data set (InSpace reconstruction), DYNA-CT illustrations, syngo 3D Basic -MIP, MPR and SSD reformats, syngo 3D VRT – Volume Rendering, advanced 3D processing and bone removal
  • Archiving: exporting/saving reconstructions 

Advanced rotational angiography studies

  • Preparations (patient/device/KM injector)
  • DR DynaVision (3D DR): examination process, reconstruction, clinical applications
  • (DSA) DynaVision (3D DSA): examination process, reconstruction, clinical applications
  • Syngo i-Guide Needle Guidance:
  • Examination process, reconstruction, clinical applications
  • Syngo i-Pilot (3D overlay): examination process, reconstruction, clinical applications

Peripheral angiography

  • Quantitative vessel analysis:
  • Analytical procedure, course, analysis, clinical application
  • Peristepping and perivision:
  • Examination process, reconstruction, clinical applications


  • PBV determination in stroke patients: Examination process, reconstruction, clinical applications
  • Coclear illustration: examination process, reconstruction, clinical applications

Clinical applications

  • Embolisation of AV malformations
  • Coil embolisation of aneurysmns at the base of the brain
  • Inner ear and temporal bone representation before and after CI implantation
  • PBV calculation at ischemic stroke


  • pre-, peri- and post-interventional imaging in the context of a TACE
  • radioembolisation in primary and secondary liver tumours
  • Embolisation of visceral aneurysms
  • Percutaneous embolisation of aortic endoleaks
  • Illustration of cement distribution after vertebroplasty / kyphoplasty

Day 1
Practical section

Venue: Experimental Factory, 

Working on a phantom

  • implementation of rotational angiography on the phantom (Flow model)
  • Puncture simulation using means of i-Guide on the phantom (spine)
  • Coclear illustration on the phantom (temporal bone)
  • Practical exercises for postprocessing at the workstation
  • 3D reconstructions using MIP, MPR and SSD reformats
  • Temporal bone reconstruction

Extra Day
Can be booked alternatively or in addition to day 1
Practical section
Venue: Experimental Factory, Magdeburg
Using a large animal model

  • Implementation of rotational angiography by standard acquisition protocol for head/neck and body using a large animal model (pig)
  • Puncture simulation using i-Guide (renal pelvis)
  • Catheter navigation using i-Pilot (hepatic arteries)
  • Cerebral PBV measurements
  • Practical exercises for postprocessing at the workstation
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