2.4. RFA of liver, lung and kidney malignancies

Dr K. Mohnike

Prof. M. Seidensticker


Maximum number of participants: 5

Duration: 1 day

Dates: on request


Course objective:The course shall teach the technical principles of radiofrequency ablation of liver, lung and kidney malignancies as well as the value of such interventions in the clinical context. For clinical indications insights in oncology and oncosurgical approaches will be given from the perspective of co-operating specialist clinics such as oncology, liver surgery, thoracic surgery and urology. The technical section includes the presentation of the methodology of the application of radio frequency generator and probes as well as patient care pre interventional, during the procedure, and follow-up. We hope to give all the participants the opportunity to build a well-functioning RFA program in their own clinic.


Target group: Interventional radiologistsSurgeons and Internal medicine specialists with experience inimage-guided interstitial interventions. 


Theoretical section

Clinical context
Evidence base for local tumour treatment

  • Hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Metastatic colorectal carcinoma
  • Local tumour ablation with other or rare malignancies

Clinical context
Indication for the surgical resection

  • Liver resection for metastases of different tumours
  • Surgical management of HCC
  • Possibilities and limitations of thoracic surgery
  • Kidney surgery and current guidelines for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma

Technical basics
Radio frequency generators and applicators

  • Monopolar and bipolar systems, screens and probes
  • Ways to target: Measurement of impedance or temperature?

Technical basics
Image guidance

  • Sonography, computed tomography and open MRI

Patient management

  • Preparation, sedation, periinterventional management
  • Follow-up

Practical section
Using a phantom and a large animal model

  • Positioning of applicators in the phantom by means of sonography, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging
  • Positioning and tumour ablation under sonographic, computed tomography and/or magnetic resonance imaging
  • Image management using a large animal model (liver, lung, kidney; artificial tumour imaging by 
  • injection)

Registration Conditions:

Registration is compulsory. Cancellations recieved up to two weeks prior to the event date will be charged with a processing fee of 25,- Euros. After this date or in case of non-attendance, we will calculate the entire conference fee. Registration as well as cancellation must be in writing.


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