2.8. PICC Line (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter)


Prof. Dr. M. Seidensticker


Maximum number of participants: 8

Duration: 1 day

Dates: on request


Course objective: This workshop aims to provide participants with a sound knowledge about different PICC Line types, to determe indications, to teach insertion techniques,  nursing and possible complications and how to handle these.

Core objective of the theoretical part is to identify the important indications for PICC lines as well as to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of the PICC line as compared to other venous or central venous accesses. In addition, various image-guided access paths and different PICC line types are discussed. You will find informations on possible complications and how to handle these as well as proper care of PICC lines. In a subsequent practical part on a phantom the ultrasound-guided peripheral vessel puncture and canulation will be practiced. Afterwards, the PICC line system is demonstrated on multiple patient samples.


Target group: Angiographically savvy technologists who have so far little or no experience withinsertion and use of PICC lines.



Theoretical section

  • Overview of indications for PICC lines
  • Overview of various PICC line types
  • Comparison PICC line to CVC and cannule, advantages and disadvantages
  • Anatomy of the veins
  • Image-guided placement of different PICC line systems
  • Change and correction of PICC lines
  • Maintenance and correct use of PICC lines
  • Possible complications and their management 

Practical section

  • Training of ultrasound-guided venipuncture on a phantom
  • Demonstration of the various PICC-line systems
  • Image-guided placement of PICC lines
  • Live cases

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