1.8. Modern Shoulder diagnostics by direct MR-artrography


Prof. F. Fischbach

PD Dr. K. Fischbach

PD Dr. A. Berth

Dr. C. Wybranski

Maximum number of participants: 12

Duration: 1 day
Dateson request

Course objective: Resonance imaging (MRI) plays a crucial role for the diagnosis and treatment planning of shoulder joint injury. In the absence of joint effusion (intrinsic contrast agent) the exact classification of the injury pattern and localization is improved by direct puncture of the joint, and intraarticular administration of contrast media (direct arthrography). The puncture of the joint of mostly young patients is carried out under fluoroscopy or - because of the lack of radiation exposure - more often directly in the open MRI. Our event gives an overview about the most important indications of direct MR-arthrography taking into account recent recommendations of the German professional societies. In the theoretical part of the event indications, anatomical and pathological changes are systematically presented from the perspective of the orthopedist and the radiologist. In the practical part we will train the techniques of joint puncture in classical fluoroscopy as well as in the open MRI. screening

and the open MRI. The course is completed through an interactive case analysis of typical shoulder joint pathologies.


Main target group: radiologists, orthopedic surgeons, trauma surgeons.

This course can be adapted to individual needs of e.g. hospitals and practitioners.



Theoretical section

  • Shoulder diagnosis from the perspective of orthopaedists
  • MR sequence technique and anatomy of the shoulder joint
  • Pathologies of the shoulder joint in MRI
  • Direct shoulder arthrography: Examination technique and implementation (fluoroscopy/sonography)

Practical section

  • Hands-on training of the shoulder puncture under X-ray and sonography guidance using anatomical phantoms
  • Interactive case analysis

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