1.1. Master class for the interdisciplinary, minimally invasive treatment of patients with HCC

Course leader:

Prof. Christiane Bruns

Prof. Jens Ricke

PD Dr. Christoph Benckert


Maximum number of participants: 12

Duration: 2 days
: dates on request

Course fee: on request

Course objective
: The International School of Image-Guided Interventions was founded in order to convey disease-centered, interdisciplinary, therapeutical approaches with emphasis on minimally invasive strategies. Especially the therapy of patients suffering from hepatocellular carcinoma requires a well developed interdisciplinary teamwork. The course lasts two days and addresses surgeons and radiologists experienced in the therapy of HCC patients. In a first theoretical part, therapeutical options depending on different underlying diseases (viral hepatitis, NASH, progressive cirrhosis with portal hypertension) will be presented by renowned hepatologists. In a second hands-on part, chemo- and radioembolisation methods and different techniques of laparoscopic liver surgery will be performed using an animal model. The combined participation of surgeons and radiologists deepens the mutual understanding of subject specific methods and broadens their applicability. 

Major target group
: Surgeons and radiologists experienced in treating patients with HCC.

This course can be adapted to individual needs of e.g. hospitals and practitioners.


Day 1

Theoretical section

  • Modern, interdisciplinaray management of HCC patients
  • Influence of liver function on treatment strategies and strategies to prevent liver failure
  • Indications and techniques of laparascopic liver surgery
  • Interventionell methods to treat intermediate stage HCC

Day 2

Practical section

Embolisation techniques of liver tumors

  • SIRT preparation with coil embolisation
  • SIRT with different particles
  • Selective transarterial coil
  • embolisation with different particles 

Laparascopic liver resection

  • Intraoperative ultrasound
  • Hand-assisted and pure laparascopic liver resection techniques: SonoSurg®, CUSA®, Thunderbeat®, LigaSure®
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  • 24.-25.09.2014 Interdisciplinary Master-Class-Course - minimal invasive treatment of patients with HCC  - Note: 1

Registration Conditions:

Registration is compulsory. Cancellations recieved up to two weeks prior to the event date will be charged with a processing fee of 25,- Euros. After this date or in case of non-attendance, we will calculate the entire conference fee. Registration as well as cancellation must be in writing.


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