1.7. Cardiac Imaging at the open high field MRI (Panorama HFO)


PD Dr. K. Fischbach

Dr. J. Smid

Maximum number of participants: 14

Duration: 1 day

Dates: on request


Course objective: MRI is an important and firmly established pillar for the diagnostic imaging of cardiac diseases is. Through the development of Panorama High Field Open (HFO) at a field strength of 1Tesla it is possible for the first time to perform "state-of-the-art" imaging with an open system in the clinical routine. The open systems design offers advantages not only for image-guided interventions, examinations of patients with claustrophobia or children, but also for monitoring during cardiac stress tests. Our event will provide an overview of the most common clinical indications for cardiac MRI in consideration of current recommendations of the german professional societies. The focus is on the linkage of the specific cardiac issues with the MR-tomographic sequence protocols and imaging findings. It is less a complete coverage of the complex subject area, but an efficient introduction and preparation to typical questions from the everyday cardiology. In the practical part, you have the opportunity to get familiar with the special features of the open MRI system and to witness clinical examinations. In addition, cardiac MRI examinations can be analysed under guidance and independently as well.

Main target group: radiologists, cardiologists.

This course can be adapted to individual needs of e.g. hospitals and practitioners. 



Theoretical section

  • MRI of the heart at 1T: technical possibilities
  • Disease entities and specific sequence techniques (questions of cardiologists and responses of radiologists)
  • Coronary heart disease - Viability assessment and detection of ischemia
  • Myocarditis
  • Cardiomyopathies
  • Cardiac masses

Practical section
Using a large animal model and a treatment planning system

  • Technical introduction
  • Panorama HFO - Hardware and software
  • 2 live investigations
  • Independent and interactive case analysis

Registration Conditions:

Registration is compulsory. Cancellations recieved up to two weeks prior to the event date will be charged with a processing fee of 25,- Euros. After this date or in case of non-attendance, we will calculate the entire conference fee. Registration as well as cancellation must be in writing.


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