Research - Preclinical Science


State-of-the-art laboratory using a flat detector angiography unit (Artis zee, Siemens)



Teaching and imparting knowledge on the field of microtherapy is not the only goal of the academy. The invention and development of new therapeutic microtherapeutic devices and methods is another major objective. The Deutsche Akademie für Mikrotherapie has modern equipment and access to a large animal laboratory, thereby being perfectly equipped for preclinical studies with a scientific focus on the development and evaluation of new therapeutic microsurgical instruments and techniques. This includes close collaboration with industrial partners, meaning that requests from end users and their requirements can flow directly into prototype development. The facility is able to conduct systematic animal experiments under the most modern technical conditions. Furthermore, initial results from patients can be gathered in clinical settings in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Magdeburg.


The coordination and development of preclinical science projects lie in the hands of Dr Seidensticker. A team of physicians, scientists and/or engineers can be arranged on demand.


We collaborate with the following companies in the field of preclinical science: 


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