2013 - News

Evaluation of our training courses 2013:

  • 21./22.11.2013 Microcatheter Embolisations - grade: 1,4
  • 16.11.2013 Up-to-date MR imaging of the shoulder using direct arthrography - grade: 1,1
  • 14./15.11.2013 Microcatheter Embolisations - grade: 1,1
  • 07./08.11.2013 Microcatheter Embolisations - grade: 1,2
  • 17./18.10.2013 Microcatheter Embolisationen - grade: 1,3
  • 27.09.2013 User workshop Artis Zeego/Zee - grade: 1,3
  • 03./04.09.2013 SIRT workshop - grade: 1,2
  • 22./23.08.2013 Microcatheter Embolisations - grade: 1,2
  • 25./26.04.2013  Critical lower leg ischemia and diabetic foot - grade:  1,4
  • 11./12.04.2013 Embolisation with Vascular Plugs - grade: 1,5
  • 10./11.04.2013 CT-guided Brachytherapy - grade: 1,2
  • 14./15.03.2013 Microcatheter Embolisations - grade: 1,3
  • 28.02./01.03.2013 Microcatheter Embolisations - Note: 1,0

Congress impressions from CIRSE: September 2013 in Barcelona


This year, the Deutsche Akademie für Mikrotherapie was again present at the CIRSE, which took place in Barcelona. In addition to the visitors that already came to our booth last year, we could welcome a lot of new German and increasingly international visitors. There have been a lot of requests ranging from our preclinical research to our complex and interdisciplinary courses for physicians, sites as well as representatives.

Everybody who will attend the IROS congress in Salzburg, Austria on January 16th-18th, 2014 will have a new possibility to chat with us since we will be present there again.

September 2013: SIRT Workshop


Two of the participants from our SIRT workshop in September 2013 even surpassed our previous travel record. They flew all the way from Pretoria, South Africa to Magdeburg, which must have been nearly 14.000 km.

August 2013: Microcatheter Embolisations Workshop


The participants of this course even came from the so-called country with the wide-open spaces. On this picture you can see Dr. Pavlov and his team from Siberia.



New employee:


We are delighted that Ms. Annika Kral joined our team in July, this year and took over the organisational part. She studied interpreting and translating English and French economy and with her many years of organisational experience she greatly enriches our team.

10th/11th Apr. 2013 

CT-guided Brachytherapy workshop


Our first CT-guided Brachytherapy workshop has taken part and the participants were very pleased. They rated this workshop with mark 1,2.


24th Jan. 2013

A new field-Training of representatives from industries:

Introduction to the basics of interventional procedures. On this picture, you see employees of the company Bard.

For more impressions of the Bard Workshop, please use link below:

(Juti, dann müsste der Link wohl auch auf Englisch sein. Und die Überschrift für die Bilder in der Galerie ist dann: )

January 2013 - Training of representatives from the company Bard: Introduction to the basics of interventional procedures