What we stand for

  • Exclusive training programs in minimally-invasive treatment techniques
  • Teaching in an interdisciplinary context
  • Modern hands-on trainings (using phantoms or animal models)
  • Preclinical research using state-of-the-art equipment

Microtherapy or minimally-invasive medicine opens a perspective of completely new therapeutic dimensions in numerous medical subspecialties. In some fields such as Oncology or vascular diseases it has already or bears potential to change existing treatment paradigms. Technical advances enable treatment of an increasing number of diseases with a minimum of trauma and discomfort to the patient. However, such strategies demand a highly developed sense of interdisciplinary strategies and a culture of teamwork and communication across medical specialties. The same challenges apply for the development of new materials, tools and interventional techniques which can only be successfully implemented in close cooperation of physicians, scientists and industrial developers to meet the demands of patients and users.


The Deutsche Akademie für Mikrotherapie understands itself as a platform for this interdisciplinary dialogue. Main feature at present is academic teaching in practical courses and workshops. Our philosophy is based on a disease-centered approach, with physicians of various specialties gathering to teach conceptual interdisciplinary thinking in addition to practical skills in microtherapy. Scholars will be guided to develop treatment algorithms including microtherapeutic techniques, and they will additionally undergo training using phantoms and animal models to learn essential practical skills.


We are very pleased to have raised your interest! More details can be found in our course brochure. 

Christiane Bruns, MD                  Jens Ricke, MD                         Peter Malfertheiner, MD 

Professor of Visceral, Trans-          Professor of Radiology                 Professor of Gastroenterology,
plantation and Vascular Surgery                                                          Hepatology and Infectious Diseases